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It is what it is.

17 February 1980
I'm a 32 year old female living and working in London. I'm a dual national (UK/US) and have lived in the UK, the US and Japan.

I work in taxes, which I find interesting, but you probably will not. Despite this, I sometimes still witter on about it. :) I love to travel, read a lot, and spend much of my day online. I also watch far too much TV and love to discuss it with anyone and everyone. I don't watch as many movies as TV shows, but my favourite genre is musicals. If there are songs in it, I am guaranteed to like it!

These days, I am more often on twitter than on LJ. @jenepel

I was the producer for the Gilmore Girls Virtual Seasons 8, 9 & 10 and also a mod for the attached community ggseason8.
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I love Nanowrimo and am one of the ML's for the London region, so every November it pretty much takes over my entire life.
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